Society for Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation and Informatics

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Agency of Electronic Communications





Organizing Committee

  1. Latkoski Pero - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia (Chair)
  2. Pejoski Slavche - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia
  3. Shuminoski Tomislav - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia
  4. Rakovic Valentin - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia
  5. Nadzinski Gorjan - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia
  6. Dobrevski Matej - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia
  7. Gerazov Branislav - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia
  8. Kartalov Tomislav - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia
  9. Joksimoski Boban - FINKI, Skopje Macedonia
  10. Kokolanski Zivko - FEEIT, Skopje Macedonia

St. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and information Technologies - Skopje

IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE Communications Society Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE joint chapter CAS/CIS/CS (Circuit And Systems, Computational Intelligence and Control Systems) as part of the IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section

Republic of Macedonia Section EDS/IMS/SSCS Joint Chapter

IEEE Signal Processing Society Republic of Macedonia Section

IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Republic of Macedonia Section

St. Clement Ohridski University of Bitola

Faculty of Technical Sciences - Bitola

Engineers Institution of the Republic of Macedonia

Ministry of education and science

Agency for audio and audiovisual media services